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Orlando Balloon Rides only flies partition baskets which gives not only the guest more maneuverability but the pilot as well. Meaning, your party will be in a separate compartment from the pilot, keeping your focus on the ride and the pilot’s on their equipment and navigational controls. The Federal Aviation Administration has urged that a partition basket is the safest way to fly.


  • Higher walls, which ensure the guest feels secure when enjoying the view.
  • Our baskets are made out of all aircraft grade stainless steel wrapped in wicker. Making them sturdier than a smaller bucket basket that will stretch when leaning on the sides.
  • Higher fuel capacity which enables your flight to not only soar higher as well as longer.
  • Landing becomes a much smoother experience with the added weight of a partition basket.

Orlando Balloon Rides is dedicated not only to customer satisfaction as well as safety. Every one of our pilots is certified to fly by the FAA and we will only fly in conditions that are deemed safe by our flight crew.