Enjoy the thrill of flight with Orlando Balloon Rides and easily book your next ride! Our flyer friendly online system provides quick scheduling, so you can spend more time up in the air. Create a flying experience to remember and schedule your next flight with Orlando Balloon Rides. We want to hear from you. If you have any questions, feel free reach out to our dedicated support staff at info@orlandoballoonrides.com or by calling (407) 894-5040. We are happy to answer any of your scheduling inquiries. Enjoy the hot air balloon ride and let us take care of the rest!

How to Schedule Your Balloon Flight

Your Orlando Balloon Ride flight has never been easier to book. In the bottom left hand corner of each of your flight vouchers you will find a “Voucher ID” and an “AuthCode.” Please enter these numbers in the spaces provided and select ‘continue’. If you are scheduling more than one person, please be sure to enter all Voucher ID numbers and AuthCodes for your party to find flights that will accommodate all of you. If your flight was cancelled and you would like to reschedule, or if you would like to cancel your currently scheduled flight enter your Reference ID and click continue.

Orlando Balloon Rides is ready to soar the skies with you!