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Flight Pricing

Spectacular Morning Balloon Flights in Orlando

Spectacular Morning Flights!

Seven day a week

Duration:   Allow 3.5 hours from the time we meet until we return to the meeting location.

Flight Time:   You will be in the air 45-60 minutes or longer depending on weather.

Occupancy:   16 passengers max. each.

$249  $169/Person
$125/Child (ages 6 - 14)*

  Review our COVID-19 Safety Measures

* If you are unable to reschedule in the event of bad weather, please call us to schedule your flight to avoid pre-charging your card.

Up, Up, and Away!

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? Orlando Balloon Rides has grown to be one of the world's largest operators of commercial hot air balloons.

As North America's leading hot air balloon company, Orlando Balloon Rides is committed to capturing the imagination, attention and memories of our customers. Orlando Balloon Rides invites you to view Florida as you've never seen before!

An Experience for any Occasion! Celebrate a Birthday, Anniversary, the Holidays, thank Mom on Mothers Day, Dad on Fathers Day, or just check Balloon Ride off your bucket list!!

All Orlando Balloon Rides Conclude With: Champagne / Sparkling cider toast, Light refreshments and Commemorative flight certificate.

* All children must be accompanied by a paying adult.
* No special offers or discounts can be used in conjunction with children's pricing.
* Kids pricing ONLY available when purchasing from
* Kids must be a minimum of 6 years old and must be accompanied by a fare paying adult.
* Kids discounts and Special Offers can not be combined with any other specials, discounts, or 3rd party offers.
* If you prefer to book at full retail price, please Click Here!

  Review our COVID-19 Safety Measures


Scheduling Your Orlando Hot Air Balloon Ride

Enjoy the thrill of flight with Orlando Balloon Rides and easily book your next ride! Our flyer friendly online system provides quick scheduling, so you can spend more time up in the air. Create a flying experience to remember and schedule your next flight with Orlando Balloon Rides. We want to hear from you. If you have any questions, feel free reach out to our dedicated support staff by using our online chat found on the lower right corner of the page, or email us at or by calling (407) 894-5040 (9am-7pm daily). We are happy to answer any of your scheduling inquiries. Enjoy the hot air balloon ride and let us take care of the rest!

If you have an Orlando Balloon Rides flight voucher, or if your flight was cancelled and you would like to reschedule, please call our customer service center at (407) 894-5040 and have your Booking ID ready.

Orlando Balloon Rides is ready to soar the skies with you!

  Review our COVID-19 Safety Measures

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10% Discount to military, police, fire and EMT.

Thank you for your service! We will never forget, and are grateful for your service. The least we can do is offer anyone currently serving, or who has served a 10% discount for them and any other adults accompanying them.

For 10% off, enter code: "Military" when booking. NOTE: You must provide proof of service in the form of a military ID, DD214, a badge or ID card. Should you not have this proof on flight day, the discount will have to be removed and full price of flight will be charged.

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"Out of this World!"

"Staff were amazing from start to finish. Highly professional company. Anybody wishing to take a Balloon ride in Orlando would be hard pressed to beat this experience & this company.Many thanks to All the Staff for an Amazing experience."

- Paul S. (Cobh, Ireland)

"Such a Fun time"

"The crew is wonderful - Mike and Damien are incredible pilots and made it very fun to set up, take off and land. There were many laughs in our basket. The ground crew was very helpful as well. The views were incredible. Such a wonderful sunrise. I would take a ride again- and I didn't even want to go. This was a trip for my Mom's bucket list but now I have become slightly addicted."

- Seaag94 (Houston, TX)

"Definitely should be on your "to do" list!"

"If you are looking for something a little different and exciting to do in the Orlando area I would strongly recommend taking a sunrise hot air balloon ride with this company ! Safety comes first with them, the conditions need to be perfect for the flight and these guys know what they are doing! We had a fantastic time ! Great way to see the sunrise and the countryside from a thousand feet in the air! I would do it again in a heartbeat!!"

- Mindy W. (Medina, OH)


"Definitely one of the best things to do in Orlando. I am a local and try to avoid the crowded theme parks and heat of the mid afternoon as much as possible. This attraction was unique, amazing and extremely peaceful! I did it with my fiance and we were both speechless once we were all the way up. We watched the sunrise in one of the most unique ways and took some great photos! The staff was absolutely amazing... you can immediately tell they know how to work as a team. They ask for volunteers during the process of inflating the hot air balloon and even putting it away. I thought that was pretty awesome! You can be completely involved with the experience if you chose to be. I would honestly suggest this attraction to anyone! Even if you are in Orlando to visit the big theme parks you should allow yourself to scape from the people, the crowds, the heat, and the long queues to enjoy one true unique and great experience!"

- Iuzlva (Orlando, FL)

About us

Orlando Balloon Rides is the Premier hot air balloon operator in Orlando

Orlando Balloon Rides invites you to view Florida as you've never seen before! Get carried away in a Hot Air Balloon adventure and experience something you’ve not done before. Our sunrise flights are scheduled seven days a week, 365 days a year, weather permitting. We meet 1 hour prior to sunrise and then travel to one of our many launch sites. Inflation takes about 20 minutes and then we are airborne!

The flight is approximately 1 hour and we will ascend anywhere from tree tops to several thousand feet high. Once you’re airborne, the pilot will point out spectacular sites of this area, from theme parks to the Orange groves and forests, to swamps absolutely untouched for thousands of years. Our flying area has many wonderful things to see.

After landing, a traditional champagne toast is held to celebrate your wonderful adventure. Non-alcoholic beverages are also available. We will then return to the Showcase of Citrus. Most importantly, we are a fully licensed and insured business. Our pilots are all FAA certified, highly experienced and are full-time professionals.


  • We are fully licensed and insured.
  • We are members of the Balloon Federation of America and the BFA's Professional Ride Operators Division
  • We carry the best insurance available in the industry. If you would like to see a copy of our policy, call (407) 894-5040 and we will gladly email you a copy
Pro members
BFA Member

Convenience, Customer Service and Satisfaction

  • No other balloon company has a higher percentage of 5 star ratings on Trip Advisor or Yelp than we do. The reviews will speak for themselves.
  • Orlando Balloon Rides operates all year round in Orlando, and only Orlando, so you'll never get lost in the crowd.

Safety (Our #1 Priority)

Our Safety Pledge

  COVID-19 Safety Policy

Your safety is our main concern, so we reserve the right to cancel a flight due to adverse weather conditions or safety reasons. All flights must adhere to all FAA safety standards for passenger-carrying commercial balloon operations. We don’t anticipate flight delays, however if the pilot requires more time to see how the weather is developing, it is possible that your flight might be put on hold. If that happens, you will be instructed to phone back at a later time that day for an update.

If your flight is cancelled, you will be advised to reschedule by booking online or by contacting our office.

 Fact: Orlando Balloon Rides has an impeccable safety record.

 Fact: Orlando Balloon Rides does NOT operate the largest fleet of hot air balloons, but we do operate the newest and best balloon equipment available.

 Fact: Orlando Balloon Rides is a zero tolerance workplace. All of our pilots, crew and office staff are subject to random drug screenings.

 Fact: Orlando Balloon Rides requires all of our pilots to maintain an FAA certified 2nd Class Medical certificate.

 Fact: Our pilots are some of the most experienced FAA certified commercial pilots in the industry.

 Fact: We will not fly in unsafe conditions and have a very strict operations guide that all of our pilots must follow that defines weather conditions we will and will NOT fly in.

 Fact: Our equipment requires a full FAA inspection annually or every 100 hours (which ever comes first) by FAA certified aircraft inspectors.

 Fact: Before every flight our pilots and ground crew inspect the balloon, envelope, rigging and gondola.

Watch us prepare for flight and you'll see the many safety checks we make.

If you have any questions, please call   (407) 894-5040 .


How do I book a Hot Air Balloon Ride? It's simple, just give Orlando Balloon Rides a call and we'll give you all the information you need to book a flight. If you already have flight vouchers, click here to schedule your flight. If you need to purchase flight vouchers click here.

How long are flights? On average, passenger flights are approximately one hour in length. Some flights can vary from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours depending on the amount of fuel on board, the passengers combined weight, the temperature of the air and when the pilot finds a suitable landing field.

What time of day do the flights take place? Flights take place just after sunrise. Hot Air Balloons are not able to fly later in the day due to thermal activity, which makes the air unstable.

What type of weather conditions are needed to fly? Hot Air Balloon passenger flights take place in winds less than 6 knots, with no rain or approaching storms within 100 miles. Flights also require visibility of at least 3 miles and ceilings of at least 3000 feet.

What type of clothing should we wear? Special clothing is not required for hot air ballooning. We always suggest practical wear, such as long pants, a light jacket, a hat and no sandals or high heels. We do not fly high enough for a change in temperature so plan to dress for the temperature of the day.

Can I bring my camera and binoculars? Yes, we encourage it. Some of the greatest pictures of the surrounding area can be taken from 500 feet in the air. Don't forget to bring batteries for your camera and a protective case for landing.

Is it cold up there? No, it is the same temperature on the ground as it is in the air. The temperature only begins to drop when you begin to fly very high.

How big is the hot air balloon? Orlando Balloon Rides flies balloons 210,000 cubic ft to 310,000 cubic ft in size. They typically carry 16-20 passengers, making it easy to accommodate families and groups. The large baskets make for more space per person and our balloons have turning vents so the pilot can rotate the balloon during flight, giving everyone a 360 degree view.

What makes the hot air balloon rise? Hot Air! A pair of high-powered propane burners ignites and heats liquid propane that is aimed into the balloon to make it rise. The burners create 30 million BTU's of heat. In comparison, an average home barbecue generates 30,000 BTU's. Each flight uses approximately 40 gallons of propane.

How fast do you fly? The balloon travels the same speed as the wind. An average flight is approximately 7 miles in length.

How do you steer the balloon? Hot Air Balloons cannot be steered like a plane or helicopter. Balloons travel only in the direction of the wind. There may be different wind directions at different altitudes that the pilot may use to maneuver the balloon. Upon landing, our ?Chase Crew? that has been following the balloon since lift off retrieves the balloon and passengers and returns them to the launch location.

Can anyone fly the balloon? To fly a hot air balloon you must be a licensed balloon pilot. Much like a fixed wing pilot, balloon pilots go through extensive training including ground school, written exams and hands-on flying.

What is the balloon made of? Balloons are made from rip-stop nylon much like a winter ski jacket. Yet unlike a jacket, the balloon is coated in a special chemical to help it resist heat and last longer. Balloons have an average life expectancy of 300 hours of use. Manufacturers have many different colours of fabric to choose from to create the many different patterns seen flying through the sky.

How much does a hot air balloon cost? An average hot air balloon, including the basket will cost approximately $60,000.00.

Who makes hot air balloons? Hot air balloons are made by a small group of select manufacturers around the world. The largest manufacturers of which can be found in England, The United States, and Spain.

How high do you fly? Though the altitude record for hot air ballooning is 90,000 feet, the height of passenger flights range anywhere from treetops up to 2,500 feet.

What happens if I don't fly this season? As ballooning is weather dependent we have to cancel your flight if conditions are not safe. If your flight is canceled, you simply reschedule either online or by phone, for another date that suits your schedule. Sometimes passengers can be canceled a few times before being able to fly. If you have tried a few times during the flight season and have not been successful going, don't worry, Vouchers purchased directly from Orlando Balloon Rides don't expire. We simply keeping trying until mother nature is in a good mood.

What can cause a cancellation of a flight? As safety of the passengers, crew and equipment is of utmost priority, flights will sometimes have to be cancelled. Various factors can cause cancellation such as weather conditions, equipment malfunction or pilot injury or illness. Your safety is our concern and we will not fly if this is jeopardized. If your flight is cancelled, simply reschedule for another flight.

What happens if I don't want to use my balloon ride voucher? All vouchers purchased directly from Orlando Balloon Rides that are prepaid in full, are 100% refundable and also transferable within one (1) year from the date of purchase as long as either no flight has been scheduled, or you cancel your first scheduled flight at least 48 hours prior to flight time. If you wish to transfer your voucher to another party, please ensure their health or ability is not restricted. Simply let us know who you have transferred the voucher to and we will adjust the file so they can continue to schedule on it.

Contact us

We're here for you! From simple questions to special requests - reach out to us and a representative will be able to help!

Address: 5010 US-27, Clermont, FL 34714

Email: info(at)orlandoballoonrides(dot)com

Telephone: Reservations/Information Line: (407) 894-5040   9am - 7pm daily
Flight Status Line: (407) 374-2622

Meeting Location:
Showcase of Citrus
5010 US-27
Clermont, FL 34714

Directions: From Interstate 4 take Highway 27 and go north. Our meeting location is "Showcase of Citrus" which is on the east (right) side of highway 27. Click here for turn by turn directions from your location.

On the day of your balloon flight, meet us at your designated location to begin your Orlando hot air balloon ride.

Your Hot Air Balloon adventure begins when you meet your pilot and flight crew at Showcase of Citrus for a flight information session. Our passengers and pilots meet approximately a 1 hour before sunrise. Passengers are then transported to our launch location where they will watch in awe as the hot air balloons are inflated like a colorful canopy. After a safety briefing our passengers embark on an experience of a lifetime. Approximately an hour later we land and enjoy a champagne toast while sharing memories and stories of ballooning. Passengers are then returned to Showcase of Citrus. Please plan 3-4 hours for the complete adventure.

What we are doing to keep everyone safe:

Our primary goal is to make sure everyone stays safe. We also want everyone to have a good time and enjoy their flight with us. To ensure everyone is safe and has a good time, we will do everything we can to follow safety guidelines related to the spread of the Corona Virus. To do that, we are following the below guidelines:

  1. If you are at high risk or in a high risk segment of the population, this is not the event for you right now. While ballooning occurs outdoors and we are doing all we can to ensure safety, it is impossible to social distance especially during the flight. We urge you to join us after the Covid-19 threat has passed.
  2. Temperatures will be taken for all pilots, crew and guests prior to flight activities commencing. This will be done with a non-contact thermometer.
  3. All staff including pilots, crew and guests will be required to wear masks. Guests must bring their own masks. If the guest doesn’t have a mask they will not be allowed to fly in order to ensure everyone is protected. We will be communicating this requirement early and often to everyone involved. No refunds will be provided if you don’t bring a mask. There will be no exceptions to this policy.
  4. Guests are not allowed to help inflate or pack up the balloon as we used to allow as part of the overall experience. Currently we are unable to allow this in order to social distance as much as possible. We encourage guests to spread out during our outdoor safety briefings and when the balloon is being inflated.
  5. Guests will be spread out in our van’s as much as possible. This means that we may use more than one van per balloon. No more than one group will be allowed on a row of seats in any van at this time.
  6. All van door handles and contact surfaces are disinfected prior to the arrival of guests, and after the guests have departed. We will also disinfect the basket bolster and uprights as well. We will also be disinfecting our office prior to guest arrival and after guest departure each day.
  7. Hot air balloon baskets were never designed to be socially distanced of course, and you may be in close proximity to other guests and the pilot. This is why a mask is required and is not negotiable at this time.
  8. For post flight activities, only disposable products will be used such as plastic cups and napkins. No food products or beverages are kept from one day to the next. Should there be leftovers, they are disposed of. All tables are wiped down and disinfected prior to post flight festivities as well as after post flight festivities. During post flight activities it is also recommended that guests spread out to social distance.

Again, our goal is to make sure everyone is able to stay safe and yet still enjoy their adventure of a lifetime. If you have any questions about the above process, please contact us prior to scheduling your flight.

Donation Requests

There is no way for us to respond to all requests. If your request is accepted, we will respond. For donation requests, please send an email with your request to donations(at) containing the following information.

1) Name of Charity, 2) Charity Mailing Address, 3) Tax ID#, 4) Website, 5) Description of your cause, 6) Contact person, 7) Contact phone, 8) Contact email. Also let us know if the charity is based in the USA, a 501(c)(3) charity, or a school.

If this donation is part of an event, please provide: 1) Date of the Event, 2) Description of the event, and 3) please tell us how our contribution will be used.

Thank you.

About Your Flight

About your Orlando Balloon ride

Orlando Balloon Rides invites you to view Florida as you've never seen before! Get carried away in a Hot Air Balloon adventure and experience something you’ve not done before. Our sunrise flights are scheduled seven days a week, 365 days a year, weather permitting. We meet 1 hour prior to sunrise and then travel to one of our many launch sites. Inflation takes about 20 minutes and then we are airborne!

The flight is approximately 1 hour and we will ascend anywhere from tree tops to several thousand feet high. Once you’re airborne, the pilot will point out spectacular sites of this area, from theme parks to the Orange groves and forests, to swamps absolutely untouched for thousands of years. Our flying area has many wonderful things to see.

After landing, a traditional champagne toast is held to celebrate your wonderful adventure. Non-alcoholic beverages are also available. We will then return to Showcase of Citrus. Most importantly, we are a fully licensed and insured business. Our pilots are all FAA certified, highly experienced and are full-time professionals.

Passenger Limitations

For the safety of all our passengers we enforce the following flight restrictions:

All passengers must be 6 years of age or older. Age 6-18 requires parent or guardian to fly.

Maximum weight per passenger cannot exceed 280lbs / 127 Kilograms / 20 stone, passengers may be asked to be weighed for accuracy at check-in.

It is strongly recommended that someone in the party be able to communicate in English.

Passengers with the following conditions cannot fly:

Expectant Mothers.

Back, Neck, Knee, Hip, Joint, Bone, Osteoporosis or Similar Physical issues within 2 years.

Inability to walk unassisted or stand for one hour unassisted. Canes / Walkers / Wheel chairs / Scooters not permitted.

Recent Surgeries or Other Conditions that may be aggravated during flight and landing.

We want everybody to be able to fly, but to do so safely. If there is anything you think we should know, or you are unsure of prior to your flight date, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.

Flight Requirements

All flights are weather dependent.

The Pilot in Command may cancel the flight, or deny a flight for any passenger for any reason and they are the final authority on all flight and passenger related decisions.

All Private flights require a minimum of 2 passengers to fly

All non private flights require a mimumum of 4 passengers to fly. As a result, you will be with other guests on all non private flights

All passengers are required to read and sign our passenger release prior to flight.
Click here to review our passenger release document.

Accessibility and service animals

Unfortunately none of our aircraft are considered handicapped accessible. They are unable to accommodate wheel chairs and do not have doors to allow for access other than climbing over the sidewall of the basket. There is also no way for the aircraft to be modified to be made handicapped accessible. Additionally, we love animals and want them to be safe and protected. This unfortunately means that we do not allow service animals onboard or around the aircraft. Hot Air Balloon burners are loud and will scare many animals. It is simply not safe or prudent to allow a service animal in or around the aircraft.

Flight Certificate Delivery

All flight certificates are emailed within 24 hours of order receipt. If you are unable to receive and/or print the flight certificates via email, please call us and we will mail the certificates via US Postal service. When US Postal Service delivery is requested, we will ship them within 48 hours of order receipt.

Scheduling Flight Certificates given as gifts

Simply present the flight certificates and other paperwork to whomever you intend to give the ride, and have them contact us to schedule, or they may schedule on our website using the codes on the flight vouchers. Since we will not know to whom they have been given, we will not contact you to schedule. It is your responsibility to make sure the recipient contacts us to schedule their ride. Please ask the recipient to have a calendar handy when calling so we can pick a mutually agreeable time. If we are unable to fly the first opportunity for any reason, they can contact us to reschedule at their convenience. Flight Certificates issued by us do not expire unless they are forfeited or were donated by us for a charitable donation. Any charitable donation certificates will expire 1 year after the issue if no expiration date is on the certificate.

Flight status hot line

Once your reservation is completed, and you have received a confirmation from us, you are confirmed for that specific day's flight. The email confirmation will include the flight status line number to call before your flight. You are required to call that number at the time indicated in the email to get the status of your scheduled flight. The flight line will inform you of three options: 1. that the flight is a go, 2. on a weather hold, or 3. canceled. It will also provide instructions about how to proceed based upon the flight status. If the flight is on, it will include the meeting time at our meeting location, the address of the meeting location, and hotel pickup information for those who reserved round trip hotel pick up transportation.

Please note hot air ballooning is weather dependent and that we do expect all guests to be in the local area prior to your flight; to avoid being late or missing your flight please make necessary preparations. Orlando Balloon Rides will not be responsible in the event you do not arrive for your flight. This is true even if the flight is placed on a weather hold. If something changes on our end, such as weather, we will amend the flight status line, so please check the flight status line one more time in the morning prior to leaving for the flight location. It is your responsibility to ensure we have a valid contact phone number and you are available. Please arrive at the given meeting location on time. We will leave for the launch site approximately 10 minutes after the meeting time. If you are not present, you will be considered a no-show. Please see the policy below on no-shows. If the weather is unsafe to fly, we will work with you to reschedule your flight.

Meeting Location

We ask that you call the flight status line after 8pm the evening before your flight. The flight line number is (407) 374-2622. This recording will have the status of the flight, as well as any last minute updates for the flight information (if any). It also contains the address of our meeting location and other pertinent flight information.

We will meet you at at Showcase of Citrus located at 5010 US-27, Clermont, FL 34714.

No-Show Policy

A "No-show" is anyone who fails to show up for a flight after scheduling a flight. No-shows have a substantial impact on our business. As a result of no-shows we either flew an aircraft only partially full, or we didn't fly at all. Either way we incurred the same expense to fly whether we were able to fly you or not, therefore a no-show will result in a forfeiture of your flight fee, certificate, voucher or deposit and we will consider our obligation for that flight to be fulfilled. No refund will be possible since we incurred the cost of the flight in your absence.

Please make sure to allow sufficient time for arrival at the meeting location, and call us if you are running late. If you are using a third party certificate of any type to pay for your flight, that voucher will be redeemed and considered used and you will not be entitled to a refund from that third party agency. Should you manage to get a refund from them, we will charge the card you provided us at scheduling for your flight fee. There are no exceptions to this policy under any circumstances.

Credit Card Payments

We are diligent in ensuring your credit card information is protected and not used without your permission. If you are paying for your reservation with a credit card, the cardholder must present the credit card used AND a valid photo ID upon check-in on the day of your scheduled activities. If the cardholder will not be present at check in, we will require some additional documentation PRIOR to the day of your scheduled activities. Please contact our customer service agents who will be happy to assist in completing these verification steps with you. Please note that if we are unable to verify the cardholder with a valid photo ID, your party will not be able to fly.

Weather Cancellation Policy

Weather is always a concern and does force cancellations and rescheduling of flights. If it clearly isn't going to be safe to fly on your date and time, the flight status line will announce this as soon as the decision is made before the flight. Please call us the next business day to reschedule your adventure. If the flight is on, we will provide specific meeting times and locations for the morning's adventure.

If the weather forecast isn't clear for the next morning, we will place the flight on a weather hold and ask everyone to call about 1 hour before the morning's expected meeting time to get an updated forecast. At that time we will let you know for sure if the flight is on. If we must cancel your flight due to weather, simply call us to reschedule your flight. If you are unable to reschedule, and you paid us directly for your flight, please call us for your options.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled flight, there is no penalty and you may reschedule. If you cancel with less than the required notice, or fail to show up the morning of your flight, we will charge the full amount to the card on file as a cancellation fee, or your flight certificate, voucher or prepayment will be considered forfeit and you will not be allowed to reschedule that reservation. No credit will be given in any way for cancelling with less than the required notice or for no-shows.

Refund Policy

All flight certificates and prepaid flights purchased directly from Orlando Balloon Rides are fully refundable within one (1) year from the date of purchase as long as either no flight has been scheduled, or you cancel your first scheduled flight at least 48 hours prior to flight time. All refunds will be issued to the original purchaser in the original purchase method (credit card purchases will be refunded via the same credit card) if possible. If not, a refund will be issued via company check. No refunds will be issued to no-shows, those that show up intoxicated, or anyone whose flight certificate, flight, or voucher has been forfeited for any reason. No refund will be granted after one (1) year from sale. Even if the certificate is not refundable, as long as it hasn't been forfeited or used, it can still be used. There are no exceptions to this policy.

If you are eligible for a refund, we will process the request within 7-10 business days. If your flight was purchased through any third party, you will have to discuss any refund request with them. We are not able to provide refunds for any third parties for any reason.

Payment Options

We are pleased to accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and cash.

We do not accept checks as a form of payment.

Privacy Policy

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing

We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site. We only have access to/collect information that you voluntarily give us via email or other direct contact from you. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone. The information collected includes name, email address, mailing address, payment information and other personal information such as passenger weights that might be required in order to schedule a hot air balloon ride.

We will use your information to respond to you regarding the reason you contacted us and to schedule and execute hot air balloon rides and other services you might contract with us to perform. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your request, e.g. to ship an order.

Unless you ask us not to, we may contact you via email in the future to tell you about specials, new products or services, or changes to this privacy policy.

Your Access to and Control over this Information

You may opt out of any future contacts from us at any time. You can do the following at any time by contacting us via the email address or phone number given on our website:


We take precautions to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and off line.

Wherever we collect sensitive information (such as credit card data), that information is encrypted and transmitted to us in a secure way. You can verify this by looking for a closed lock icon at the bottom of your web browser, or looking for "https" at the beginning of the address of the web page.

While we use encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted online, we also protect your information off line. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, billing or customer service) are granted access to personally identifiable information. The computers/servers in which we store personally identifiable information are kept in a secure environment.

Changes to this Policy

We may make changes to this privacy notice from time to time. You may check back on this page at any time to see our current policy.

If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, you should contact us immediately via the email address on this website.